Relationship Goals: Fix Your Relationship With A Relationship Orientation

relationship goals

Relationship goals vary from couple to couple but one thing every grouping shares is that they want their relationship to work. Some people want their relationship goal to be drama free, while others would like more adventure. Yet, if I were to ask you if you’ve discussed these “relationship goals” with your partner in detail…many of you would look me straight in the eye and say, “Are you crazy?” Why would I discuss that with them?

Throughout history, couples have suffered the same fate of MIND READING syndrome in that they want their significant other to read their minds instead of being clear of their needs, wants, and expectations. You might say, but there are certain things that everyone should know they should or shouldn’t do when in a relationship, but is that really the case? If someone grew up in a household where daddy came home late and mommy just accepted it and washed the lipstick off his shirts with no problem–that kid, when reaching relationship-level will not hesitate to think it’s okay to cheat. And that’s what they grew up with.

Imagine if you could do a relationship do-over with your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend — how would things change? Well, you can, you can improve your relationship TODAY by having a relationship orientation. You screaming out…”Fix my relationship,” will be a thing of the past!

At work, before you start any job, you get an orientation of some sort to show you around, what your employer expects from you and for you to get comfortable with your surroundings–but in relationships, we don’t do that. We never have a relationship orientation.

One way of making sure your relationship goals are met is just putting them out there. It’s like an orientation for your relationship. There comes a point in a relationship where you go from dating to being exclusive. It’s in that “in between” period that you should both have an orientation to discuss what exactly does it mean to be in this new relationship with one another and set the relationship goals.

No one gets into relationship to fail — at least not on the conscious level, but many of us are sabotaging our relationships and aren’t aware that the negative things occurring are because of our own doing.

Imagine how much more “on the same page” you and your partner would be if you were to discuss ahead of time the expectations, the rules, the policies of being in a relationship are? Let’s face it, all relationships have rules (you can’t stay out all night, you can’t sleep with other people, or don’t come home drunk) but you never discuss them ahead of time — and that’s when things start to break down and you question how will things get better?

This video will explain how to do an orientation for your relationship to meet your relationship goals!

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relationship goals

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