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Rica Famosa Latina Season 1

Rica Famosa Latina Reality TV

You know that friend who's always late with the pop culture references and they make it difficult to have a lively exchange because they're not up with the latest news, gossip, and current events? Well, that's me today, at least for this situation. I feel so embarrassed that I had no idea this show even existed. I'm not making excuses but Rica Famosa Latina just wasn't on my radar. And how could it have been, the show is on a Spanish TV Network and we rarely watch anything in Spanish here. Let's be honest, we are raising a bilingual child, and Leona understands both English and Spanish, but we never click on the TV and watch telenovelas.Rica Famosa Latina is just what is sounds like, these are Rich, Famous, Latin women who are followed around in true Reality TV style and we watch the drama unfold. Think The Real Housewives of...mixed in with a little Keeping Up With The Kardashians.Season One has 5 main characters and here is my breakdown:

  1. Estela Mora - Sane, tells it like it is and she's powerful, strong and outspoken. She's the manager of a band called La Ley and she's married to the lead singer Beto Cuevas. They're married but live seperate lives, meaning they don't even live together and it's not because he's on the road a lot. They truly have individual lives. So many questions. Estela Mora was also in the process of starting her own make up line.
  2. Elisa Beristain - She's a gossip news reporter (think if the National Equierer had a show, she's not even TMZ quality) but her claim to fame is that she's married to Pepe Garza --music mogal. Elisa Beritain lives in a world of her own making where she is queen and everyone else is beneath her and worthy of her poisonous tongue. If you look at her the wrong way, she will bite your head off. If you say something that contradicts her opinion, she will pick a physical fight with you. She's my favorite character on the show! (She's a blast to watch)
  3. Adriana Gallardo - Of all of them, she has an established career and is pretty well known in LA. She's the owner of Adriana's Insurance and has created quite an empire for herself. I truly questioned why she was on the show because several of the scenes put her in a bad light especially when arguing with Elisa. I couldn't help but wonder what this show would do for her brand and her insurance business.
  4. Victoria Del Rosal - She's a upcoming Mexican actress who wants to cross over to the American market. She also does some part-time gossip reporting and works with Elisa. Victoria likes drama and loves to stir the pot. She clings to people who will serve her purpose and truly doesn't fend for herself when needed.
  5.  Rosie Rivera - comes across as the church-going Christian sister of the late Jenni Rivera but she's two-faced and can't keep her sin-free image in order because some of the things she says are pretty vulgar. When she's not constantly making weird faces as she reacts to things happening around her and speaking in a fake tone (trying to sound innocent) she's busy running her late sister's estate and business. Understand that Jenni left NOTHING to her but somehow she's in charge of Jenni's worth. When the show opens, Rosie and her husband (is he gay?) live at Jenni's estate in LA and eventually "decide" to move out into a tiny home of their own. Let's be real, they were kicked out. But that's another blog.

These five woman exchange pleasantries for the first two or three episodes when then the drama starts and all hell breaks loose. If you noted that I didn't link Rosie's name to anything (Instagram, twitter, or Facebook) it's because she's so fake and two-faced keeping the Christian facade up that I can't bring myself to google her info to post. I even debated if I should write about her because I truly dislike how she behaves.


If you get a chance -- and you understand Spanish, this show is a must watch. Again, I was late to the game as this was season 1 and the show already has four seasons under its belt.Who throws who into the pool at a large gathering? Who pulls Elisa's extensions out? Which lady gets punched in the eye at a pole dancing class? And who gets thrown out of a hotel in Mexico and charges everything to another lady in the group? To find out -- you have to watch or at least tweet me for info!

Do you watch the show? Let me know ASAP!

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