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Self Improvement: #Nando25 Day Challenge Pre-Work Assignment #2

Your support group declaration assignment:

A company has many departments, right? Can we all agree that some have an accounting department, an advertising division, most recently–a social media department, and the list goes on depending on the industry and the company. Agreed?

Some companies–especially the smaller ones, assign various roles & responsibilities to the same person. The accountant may also be the marketing guy and the receptionist may be executing a social media strategy because they haven’t grown into their “big business-pants” yet.

What happens when you try to make one person wear 4-5 hats? Better yet, how do you switch them off and on when you need a specific side of them? Ever try to talk to a “numbers guy” about brush strokes and Monet? They look at you with an uncomfortable look as if they had just eaten a poisonous fish and were waiting for death to pay them a visit. Ever tried to talk to a creative person about accounting, spreadsheets and excel functions? They look like their head is about to explode and they’re secretly praying you have a stroke to paralyze the language centers of your brain. (Ooh, it’s happening!)

That’s what we do with our husband, wife, co-workers, family and friends. We want them to wear different hats or be interested in something they’re not. Then we get mad when they don’t. Right? (Don’t lie….I see some of you shaking your head!)

One person cannot be your "everything". Life just doesn't work that way and you will burn people out.

It's important to create,/establish, nurture & cultivate your support community (in whatever areas you need/want the extra support/cushion) When it comes to the people in your life, I believe that one size DOESN'T fit all; stop forcing people into categories you've created--instead, let them shine in the areas they know best and feel the most comfortable in.

Get your creative friends to collaborate or brainstorm on your creative ideas.
Establish a photography circle to help you launch your photo career with like-minded people.
Find a few colleagues to discuss work issues and stop boring your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/pet fish with work stuff.
Create a book club for intellectual chatter and stop making your club friends feel bad because they don’t share this interest.
Find other entrepreneurs to help with a business idea/plan that will motivate you to finally “do it!”
Look for people on Pintrest who are also into motivational quotes and pin/repin one another — and stop e-mailing butterflies + cute kitten pics to your regular friends who have already asked you to stop the madness.

Pre-Work assignment #2:

Look back at the three areas you wanted improvement in (Pre-work assignment #1 ) and identify  3 people  you feel can support you in that area, then write WHY you chose them (Beware not to list the same person in all three categories). What happens if you can’t list 3 or even 1 person? Its’ time to make some new friends.


Area I’m trying to Improve:  Get back out on the dating scene + be in a relationship.
1. Lisa– because she’s always dating and has a great attitude toward life–she can give me pointers.
2. Alex–I trust him to tell me the truth when I tell him why I’m fearful of dating and help me work through my fears.
3. Ben + Mark: They’re in a stable relationship and can guide me when I seem to only have one night stands.

Area I’m trying to Improve: Lose Weight + get healthy

1. That new girl at the gym — She’s very fit and I always see her lifting weights which is new to me.
2. Rob – I work with him and he’s got ZERO body fat — I’m sure he will help me stay on track at work.
3. My sister Gloria – she’s been trying to lose 15lbs for years, we can keep each other accountable and it will be more fun.

Area I’m trying to Improve: Get Creative + Boost Inspiration in Blogging/Business

1. Anthony – he’s a successful blogger and we’re friend, I’m gonna hit him up for a weekly call to brainstorm.
2. Sally — she’s a successful VP at her company and always invites me to “do lunch” but I’ve always been too busy, I’m getting my sh*t together + lunching!
3. Doug – he’s someone I admire because he has an amazing youtube video channel + he’s making $$, I’m reaching out to see if he will like to get together.

Area I’m trying to Improve: Better Job + More Money

1. Jaime: He just got a promotion @ work and he’s really liking his new role–I need tips!
2. Tara – she’s got it together, amazing career in the industry I’m interested in, I’m sure she might be able to give me direction.
3. John – He does the same job I do–but he seems happier than me, I might ask him for a weekly chat to discuss “what’s up with that?”

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