Sexy and Stylish Bedroom on a Budget

luxurious hotel bedroom

In our last one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, we were inspired by the vibe in Miami so if you ever walked in you saw a bright colors and plants everywhere. At least I hope it was Miami-styled and not some Wizard of Oz technicolor over-the-rainbow nightmare. We have since moved into a 3-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn and had the opportunity to start fresh with a blank canvas; literally. All the walls were white and there were so many of them–we were actually intimidated by so much space. Maybe that’s why it took 3 months to finally do something about them…and the final verdict was to leave them white, but in a creative way that would allow us to nest yet live in a sophisticated space.

I imagine I’m not the only one who fears color commitment on their walls. To be honest, it’s the process that would have frustrated me more. Think about it–selecting the color is the fun part. It’s taping up the corners, moving furniture and making sure you don’t get any on the dog in the process that makes it so daunting in the first place. And then, what if you don’t like the end result and you decided not to stay with it? It’s like dating someone and putting so much effort into making them over to only have to break up after the big reveal because things just don’t “feel right.” And when you’re talking about your home, you want it to feel right every time you walk in.

We opted out of color on the walls and went for decals instead. I first experimented with wall decals in our first apartment (2010) and a black tree with branches spread about the bedroom wall. Our taste has matured since then so I knew our next bedroom styling had to be as evolved as we were and that’s when I came across the birch trees decals at Wayfair. It’s not full wallpaper, but instead, you peel off each tree (comes in 3 portions) and just match up the sections on the wall–simple, easy, no mess, no fuss. Each order came with five trees and because our room is extra large, we ordered 3 sets. Each set is priced at $79.99 (our total was $227 because of a special they had)

Once we got them, it was about how to place/position them to make them appealing. I had an idea of how I wanted them placed but I admit that the end result blew our minds. Not only did the birch tree decals add so much style in the bedroom, they actually doubled the size of the room and created a luxurious hotel vibe. It created dimension in the room and a sense of hugeness -that’s what she said! But they really did.

And when we’re finally ready to leave the forrest behind, we can just peel them off and decide, ” What’s next?” For now, I’ll enjoy the space we’ve created and sleep in the lap of a luxurious forrest without the need of bug spray.

luxurious bedroom 1
luxurious bedroom 2

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