Should I Text a Guy Before a First Date?


Should I Text a Guy Before a First Date?

Approximately 4.2 billion+ people text worldwide. (MBA Online) You're a part of that number, so should you text a guy before a first date? The answer truly depends on the situation, but more likely than not, the answer is a resounding NO! If the date has been set and you have all the pertinent info like: time, place, an exit strategy (hey, it's 2016) -- why text? Oh I know, you're feeling excited and want him to know you're thinking of him (insert smiley face emoji). Bad move. And here's why.

  1. You want to build anticipation for the date. (on both sides) Texting now will only break this (unless you're running late, got held up in a bank heist, or are helping delivery a baby on the side of a road.
  2. He will have the upper hand. For the rest of the date he will  know you're a little more into him that he is and that won't end well for you.
  3. It reeks of desperation. In your mind it comes across as being polite, nice, right? A simple "I'm on my way," with a selfie attached won't hurt, right? WRONG! For him, Stage 5 clinger alarms are already going off in his head.

5 TIPS FOR A FIRST DATEIn fact, you should have no contact before the date. Fight the urge to text after the first date has been set up. Why? Because you're an independent person who's not sitting around waiting for texts or eggplant emojis to appear on your screen, right? And even if you're not, he doesn't need to know.

Not texting a guy before the first date gives you a lot more to talk about while on the date. How work is going, what's new since the date was set up, how NOT tragic the Brad and Angelina divorce is because you've always been Team Aniston!If he texts you before the first date, keep the response minimal -- again, you want to build anticipation for the first date. If you exchange too much now, then you might hit a lull when meeting up and this will throw off the "should I go on a second date with him?" factor. Instead of texting, work on your selfie game by elevating it to the next level with this selfie clicker so you won't have the standard photo with one long arm in the pic. Why? Because you have other things to worry about -- now, put the phone down and stress over what to wear on the first date.

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