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Signs Your Dog May Be Allergic to Chicken

Dog’s being allergic to chicken is one thing we didn’t expect to hear from our vet when we took Leona in for a routine check up a few months after we got her. The vet started questioning us on all things Leona. I felt like I was on a game show and if I got a wrong answer, they’d take her away from us. I was nervous. In questioning us on her behavior and demeanor, she asked if Leona licked her paws a lot–not just a few licks, but a consistent licking that was noticeable. German and I looked at one another and in a puzzled tone answered yes. All this time, (especially at bedtime) Leona would spend minutes licking her paws to the point where I’d sometimes place a pillow over my head to mute out the sound. Usually I’d put the pillow over my husband’s face to stop the snoring. No, it’s not smothering if you don’t press to hard.

I never thought of asking, “Can dogs be allergic to chicken?” I asked almost everything else, “Can dogs become famous on Instagram,”  or “How long of a wait before we could get  her an agent?, and “What are the day rates we can expect to make with her?” See, I thought of everything–except that. knowing our dog was allergic to chicken, we immediately got her off of it. We also eliminated other things that were poultry-related from her diet, since she eats egg whites for breakfast. Looking for a new diet was hard because there aren’t a lot of products for dogs out on the market that don’t have some type of chicken product or chicken ingredient in it. She was off of chicken and it was a week or two when we suddenly realized that she no longer was licking her paws. And I got to sleep!

In this entire food switch, finding non chicken dog treat was the hardest. When we found Skinny Minis from Fruitables and looking the ingredient list and knowing it was void of all chicken products made us want to jump for joy. Yes, we are those types of doggie parents. Don’t judge.

We were able to use Fruitables to potty train her and to bribe her into doing photoshoots with us. Despite being three years old — they still work at bribe material!

►Fruitables Skinny Minis Apple Bacon:
►Fruitables Skinny Minis Pumpkin & Apple:
►Fruitables Skinny Minis Pumpkin & Mango:

We’re pretty lucky that her chicken allergy didn’t manifest itself like it does in other dogs. According to here are the most common symptoms of a chicken food allergy in dogs:

Is your pup suffering from chicken allergies?

Dogs can suffer from allergies, or an abnormal immune system response against foreign substances called “allergens.” Some allergens include pollen, medications and even food. Veterinarian Dr. Susan Wynn states that 10 percent of dog allergies are food-related and chicken is a common culprit. Could Fido be allergic to chicken?


The most common allergy symptom that your dog will display in response to a food allergen like chicken is itchy skin. You may notice that Fido is constantly licking and scratching his head, neck, ears and limbs, writes Dr. Pascale Pibot of the Royal Canine Research Center. The excessive licking and scratching may lead to hot spots, lesions and hair loss. Just like humans, your dog’s eyes may become irritated and he may get ear infections frequently, according to Natural Dog Health Remedies, a website on holistic care for dogs. Your dog may also experience digestive distress.

Does your pup have food allergies? Chicken allergies? Let us know what type of food you give your pet and what treats they have learned to love now that chicken is no longer on the menu? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.

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