Sleeping With A Broken Heart


IIn school, the basics consist of reading, writing and arithmetic because they figure these are the things we’ll face daily. But what they don’t teach is how to deal with other life issues: dealing with frizzy hair, nonlethal weight loss techniques, or sleeping with a broken heart.

As each of our personal love story unfolds–we adjust to match our feelings and function as best we can. Remember when a phone call made your heart skip a beat knowing that you’d meet that special someone later on in the day which would result in a permanent smile or how just thinking of them would flush your body with that indescribable feeling of warmth. All was good with the world and love really did exist. Oh, don’t tell me you wrote love poems or would hear a particular song that would endorse everything you were feeling? Yeah, I get it.

But it seems that lately and I’m not sure why, but people in relationships are reevaluating their decisions to stay together. Is it really working? Do I really want to stay? Is this love? No matter what the question, the answer is the same: uncertainty. And who’s to blame? A society that makes divorce seem as easy as adding an order of fries to your cheeseburger? A culture where individual needs are placed higher on the priority list than the good of the couple. Where we feel it’s okay to assassinate our partner’s character not realizing the harmful damage we cause by allowing them to walk the Earth thinking horrible things about themselves–things that we’ve placed in their head.

Have you ever seen the person you claim to love and care about shrink right before eyes because you’ve highlighted one of their insecurities or shined a spotlight on one of their fears? You see, “I’m sorry,” only takes you so far before they become brave and say, “No more.”

In a time when fashion, money and status is seeing a major shift; has love also been shifting? Hollywood would have you think love is happily ever after but I’ve never seen it. Do I deserve it? Yes. Do you? That’s up to you to figure out. In the meantime, I can’t help but wonder, “How do you sleep with a broken heart?”

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