Stop Being a Pushover in Your Relationship!

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No relationship is perfect -- and I'm talking about the relationships with your family members, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, and everyone in between. We all have good and bad interactions with them but with certain people --bad behaviors have become the norm and no matter what you do or say -- it doesn't stop. And that's because you might be a pushover in your relationship! Don't be a pushover.

When someone crosses a boundary and you allow it -- you're not empowered and it's actually reinforcing the negative behavior. You must start adding consequences, not only to create a "STOP" moment in the behavior but because you deserve more than yelling, sarcasm, or condescending talk in your interactions. By not adding consequences when you're being disrespected, and not enforcing them and following through makes you just as guilty for their behavior. We teach people how to treat us.I myself have threatened a consequence or two in my own relationship and didn't follow through and only had myself to blame when my husband repeated the crappy behavior -- but you know what feels worse? Enforcing it. You just feel like a big bad wolf and it's not fun. And for full disclosure, I did the same when he didn't follow through with his imposed consequences. Not a good situation for all involved.

This video will explain a little more on why it's important to have consequences with bad behavior--you just want respect...that's all.

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