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Stress Management: How to Relax at Home When You Work There

“Oh my god, you work from home? That must be so cool and laid-back, I wish I could work from home, then I would be able to do anything I want!” How many times have you heard people say something like this when you told them that you work from home? How many times did you try to explain to people just how stressful, inefficient, and counter-productive working from home can actually be?

The simple fact that you are living and working under the same roof can be extremely tiring for the mind, body, and soul, ultimately leading to decreased productivity and a lack of motivation. So today, let’s help you adopt the right mindset and create a living/work environment that will allow you to eliminate stress from your life for good.

Separate your work from your personal life

First things first, much like you would leave the office in the afternoon and forget about work until the next morning, you should leave your work at home behind closed doors and maybe even lock them as well. You see, the key to creating a positive and happy home when you have to work there as well lies in setting some basic ground rules for yourself; rules you will follow to the tee in order to prevent your professional life mingling into your personal space and happiness.

And it all begins by separating your work area from your living environment. Simply put, you should not be working from the comfort of your living room, because sure enough, at some point, it’s going to become everything but comfortable. Instead, build yourself a designated work area, like a home office, and treat it as such.

Let furniture and decor drive productivity and comfort

With all the psychological aspects of stress management, there is also a need to emphasize the role furniture plays in the matter. And let me tell you, it can play the leading role. Not only do your armchairs, tables, and sofas need to be ergonomic and follow the same aesthetic design of the room and the entire household, but they also need to be positioned for maximum productivity and positivity.

For instance, the way you position your work desk can mean the difference between feeling energized and productive, and confined and unmotivated. Likewise, introducing comfy couches in the office as well as the living area will allow you to rest and recuperate without leaving the office or, on the other hand, by leaving your work zone for a quick change of scenery in order to regain mental clarity and focus.

Use colors to find your inner peace

You know, to a lot of people, Feng Shui can seem like a load of hooey, but the truth is that if you cherry-pick some of the best parts of this extensive philosophy, you can actually boost the positive vibes in your home office, and your home in general. Moreover, you can use colors to maintain maximum productivity on a daily basis.No need to go in-depth into the teachings of Feng Shui here, simply introduce this simple color palette to create a thriving work environment:

  • Red-- this color represents energy and power, and it‚Äôs excellent for those of you struggling to banish fatigue and mental fog during work hours.
  • Orange--a "social" color that is vibrant, happy, and serves as a striking accent. Use it to imbue the office as well as your living area with creativity and positivity.
  • Green--this color represents balance, growth, and abundance. You can use deep green hues in your office and living area to support mental clarity and banish fatigue.

There are plenty of other colors in the Feng Shui spectrum, however, focusing on these three hues will allow you to reduce stress on a daily basis.

Do not let your social life wither

What tends to happen to people who work from home is that they become so involved in their work and personal life that they tend to forget just how important socializing is for their long-term psychological and emotional well-being. So just get out more! If you need help creating this, a life coach is perfect for you, click here for life coach information.

Or don't, if you prefer to relax at home after a long day at the office, have some friends over and let the accumulated stress and fatigue fade away as you enjoy some quality time with the people who are near and dear to your heart. Remember, all the career success in the world means little if you don' have anyone to share it with.

Managing stress on a daily basis when you're working from home can be a tough task to achieve. After all, the people who actually go to an office can leave it behind when the day is done. That said, be sure to use these essential tips to develop a positive and productive mindset and decorate your living and work environment for maximum positivity and productivity.

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