Sunday Reset #14: The 1 Thing Holding You Back in Life, Love, and Career!

Sunday Reset with NLP Success Coach

As an NLP Life/Success Coach I'm always on the look out for what my clients are truly saying to me and what's behind what they say. It may come out like, "I can't take that action because that's not who I am," but what they're really saying it, "Fear is getting the best of me and I'm scared to take that action!" Or they might say, "I don't have time to do my homework," but what's really behind their words are, "It's out of my comfort zone to spend time on myself and homework is just all about me, I'm a mom, a dad, a wife, an employee so I'm always doing things for others."

Yeah, I'm that good! I read between the lines and in this Sunday Reset I go behind the curtain and reveal something about my marriage that I discovered I was doing -- so it "gets real" for me to show you that I'm playing right along with you when it comes to transforming my own life.Take 15 minutes and discover with the transformation tribe what's been holding YOU BACK in your life, relationships, and career! (click here)

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