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Sunday Reset #3: Dealing with Failure!

If you're alive and reading this -- then you have dealt with failure. And it's time you change your relationship with failure -- someone of fear it, many of us get crippled by it and there's really no need to. Once we see that failure can actually be linked to PRE SUCCESS -- you can change the story you tell yourself when you fail.

And it's not so much your story -- but the story you have been given surrounding failure. When we see people fail there is a stigma attached to it. Failure is seen as bad, something to avoid, and something is wrong -- when in reality failure is just a part of the process. Before you win you lose a few times. That's it -- nothing more, nothing less.

Dealing with failure is challenging especially when it comes to your definition of success and what it looks like. To me, success includes failure and because I see that -- I welcome it. I know it's a part of the process and I don't react to it like a 3rd grader any more (and I'm referring to myself as a 3rd grader loosing Hula Hoop contest!)

Watch Sunday Reset #3 (click here) and learn how to deal with Failure!

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