Target Targets the Gays


Before I saw the video, I wan’t too sure what I thought about the situation, but after I saw it–I was so touched, that I’m no longer supporting Target stores because of their support in the anti-gay movement. You know this blog doesn’t really dive into politics, but this was a hot topic that got my Gay Mexican blood boiling. Last week, the Target Corporation gave $150,000 to Minnesota Forward, an anti-gay group supporting Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for Minnesota governor.

Watch the video and see why this women is my new hero, idol and Wonder Woman!

This Eden Prairie mom and grandmother took her anger directly to a Target but her repeated attempts to speak to Target executives failed so she took her Target Charge Card and charged $226 then immediately returned the items for credit in protest. She then scissored her Target card into little pieces. I know several Gay people who work at Target, and I wonder how this makes them feel. Could you work for a place that did something like this?

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