The 2018 "Good Stuff" Calendar

Click to download the "Good Stuff" calendar in PDF format.

The Good Stuff Calendar PDF

How the "Good Stuff" calendar came to be

Completely inspired by one of my Life Coaching clients this morning — who wanted to keep record of:

1. Their gratitude journey for the year
2. Spreading love, compassion & joy to others

I created the “Good Stuff” 2018 calendar to keep track of our happiness. See, every one of us can tap into happiness on the daily…but it’s action oriented…you just can’t “think” happy — you have to “be” happy. So you have to take action.

How the calendar works:

1. Start off with gratitude.
Document the 3 things you’re grateful for today in the spaces provided.

2. Spread joy to others.

Contact someone and leave them a happy message.
Example: “Hey, thought of you–have a fantastic day!” Or
You know, I miss your wacky-ass corny jokes–have a good one!” Or
“Hey, How are you and that crazy EX colleague of yours doing? I know you got dis! “
OR what ever you want to say, make it personal and happy.

Once you document who you messaged, circle the method of contact below their name.(F=face to face, E=email, T=text, P=phone & O=other like Twitter, Facebook, etc)

Then what happened?

I sent the calendar over to my client and as I printed out a copy for myself (because I’m going to do it also!), my husband curiously walked over and asked about “the pretty document.” Once I told him the purpose — he was ENROLLED and REGISTERED…he was like…”I WANT TO DO THIS! PRINT ONE OUT FOR ME!”

Can you see the chain reaction here–as a New York City Life Coach, this is the stuff dreams are made of! It only took 1 person to be inspired and now, 3 people are ready to rock their HAPPINESS in 2018!

If you also want to keep track of your happiness — download the “good stuff” calendar.

It’s simple, easy, and calls you into action.

*Update: As of 1//12/2018 there have been 400 downloads of the calendar. INSPIRING!

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