The Dating Checklist: Are You Ready to Date?

Two weeks ago a guy left a comment on the video, The Dating Checklist: Are You Ready to Date? stating:"I think having a checklist seems to be so narrow minded"


And many may think he has a point -- but I want you to understand, both Caitlin, dating strategist and expert matchmaker, and I work with people who are sometimes in denial about being ready to date. And, they don't know they are in denial so they repeat unhealthy patterns and end up in self-sabotaging behaviors which results in total frustration and being alone.

Recently someone shared she's picky when it comes to dating men, yet she ends up with cheaters. All men she's ever dated have cheated on her and she's given up hope on ever getting married, having children and buying a home. It might sound dramatic but this is her reality. After asking her a few questions-- the truth came out, she believes being in love means being hurt-- specifically being cheated on.


I asked her to consider that "her being picky" isn't a shield against being hurt but the opposite, she's turning down the good guys and waiting for the cheaters because she knows what they look like, sound like, and even smell like -- because that's her favorite flavor of self-sabotage! See, she's only familiar with the cheaters and so that's the only ones that eventually find their way to her.

So when we say, this is your dating checklist -- it's not to limit you - in fact, it's to prepare you and to help you have a wonderful dating experience and keep you from self-sabotaging behavior. We listed three things you need in order to be ready to go out into the dating world and be successful. Check out the video below and see if you truly are ready to enter the dating world.

Give us your feedback -- what other things do you think should be on the dating checklist? Let us know!

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