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The Hidden Force of Fragrance

Imagine your mother's homemade cookies, or the fresh sea air when you wake up in the morning and head to the beach. The subtle hint of perfume on your partner's neck as you lean in to kiss them, or maybe coffee brewing in the morning. 

We didn't describe how any of these things smell, and yet your mind instantly supplied you with a memory, didn't it? Scents are a powerful thing, and science shows us that they leave a deep impact on us and can trigger happy memories if we only get a little whiff of something we smelled in the past.

But how else can fragrances influence us and how can you use them to bring more good energy and positivity into your home? If you want to find out, then just read on.

Bring positivity into your life

When we're in a crabby mood, we tend to get a little almost becomes a point of pride to stay grumpy and convince everyone that things really are as bad as we make them out to be, and it can be a little difficult to shake this off. However, scents can actually be a great way to banish that negativity because they trigger good memories, and smelling a vanilla chai latte or a bouquet of jasmines will force your brain to think of something nice. 

This is one of the things you can learn how to do through coaching because the problem with hiring a life coach is that they're not really there to baby you. If they're worth their salt, they'll push at your buttons and challenge your negativity until you learn to re-examine it and release it from your life. The power of scents is just one of the techniques that can help you along on this road.

Make your home a place of joy

If you want to create a happy home for yourself, then surrounding it with a delightful fragrance should be one of the first steps. Not only will this make it easier to relax and soothe your mind, but it can also aid your meditation practice and make it a brighter place for your guests. Find a few stylish pillar candles to spread around and choose a scent that represents your personality. Perhaps a certain smokey and herbal blend, or the brazen Spanish rose, or something fresh like lemongrass. As time goes by and you keep smelling it, you’ll come to relate the scent to your home and your comfort.

Boost your brain power

According to certain studies, aromatherapy can be used to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and even increase productivity in a completely natural way. Scents like orange, lemon, and rosemary can invigorate us and help us snap out of the stupor, but sandalwood, vetiver, and lavender can soothe us and help with insomnia. Jasmine and sage are good for stress-relief, and if you want something to inspire romantic love and set the right mood, go for the rich smells of vanilla, patchouli, or black pepper. Find a blend that you like, and use it as a form of therapy to help you boost your mood and inspire you.

Fragrance as your signature

Having a signature fragrance is a way to sort of build your own brand. Scents are very memorable to people and can become ingrained in their heads without them even realizing it, and there's something very seductive about always smelling good. It implies a certain confidence, and can teach you to pay attention to little details that mean a lot when it comes to leaving a good first impression. 

To find your signature perfume, think first about who you are, and what you want the fragrance to imply about your personality. 

For example, fresh citrus scents are usually worn by people who like to take the lead, but rose and other floral scents are far gentler and show a certain kind of spirit. Go to the store and pick something that fits who you are. Wear it regularly, and people will start noticing you more.

Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell; why not please all five of your senses? Scents have a certain mystery and power to them, so surround yourself by fragrant things and they'll inspire a lot of positive energy within you!

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