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Traveling and Dating: Pros and Cons

Dating can sometimes be quite complicated, especially if the person you’re dating gets an opportunity to travel a lot as a part of their job, or if you fall in love with somebody who is a frequent traveler. Needless to say, both of you would have to make certain adjustments if you want your relationship to last. There would have to be compromises, and have no doubt that maintaining such a relationship would come with many challenges. However, it can come with many benefits as well, so here are some pros and cons of dating somebody who travels a lot.



Think of them as a small compensation for all the times you’ll be missing your partner. Sure, you’d rather have them instead of some cute keychain, but you have to admit that your fridge does look much cooler with all the magnets from all around the world. Plus, sometimes you have to settle for the little things in order to enjoy the big things as well. So, enjoy all the little gifts you get, and let them remind you of every beautiful moment you’ve spent together – and all the beautiful moments you will spend the next time you get another souvenir from your partner.

Plenty of things to talk about

One thing you will not have is trouble finding something to talk about. Considering all the places your partner has visited, they will definitely have plenty of stories to tell you. Even if their latest trip was a short one, they will still most likely want to share every little detail with you. Plus, since they won’t be around as much, they will want to know everything about your day as well. In short, spending time apart means you’ll also spend a lot of time catching up, and it’s always good when you have things to talk about.

The best tour guide

One of the best things about having a partner who travels a lot is that they probably know all the best places for fun, shopping, food, drinks, etc. It’s like having the best personal tour guide that will make every trip you take together fun and memorable. And even if you go on a trip alone, like on one of the amazing schoolies 2019, you can always ask your partner about the best things to do at the schoolie destination, food to eat, things to see, etc.


Missing them

One of the downsides of being with somebody who travels often is that you will probably miss them a lot. Sometimes, you might feel lonely, and even though you know they will come back eventually, you also know that’s it’s only a matter of time until they leave again. The best way to deal with these feelings is to find something to occupy your mind so you don’t constantly think about how much you miss them. So, distract yourself with hobbies, books, music, and spend more time with your friends, family, or pets.

Lack of intimacy

Spending too much time apart can take its toll on your sense of closeness. No matter how often you talk and how many pictures you send, nothing can match being able to physically touch your loved one. Intimacy is extremely important in a romantic relationship, and physical needs are just as real as the emotional ones. If they aren’t fulfilled for too long, your relationship might suffer.


Having a partner who travels a lot and meets many new people might also make you feel insecure, jealous, possessive, or even depressed. After all, they are out there doing god knows what with god knows who and there’s no way for you to know for certain whether they are being faithful to you. So, assuming you don’t want to be the type that hacks their partner’s social media accounts and looks at phone messages, you can choose to trust them for as long there’s no reason not to. Or, you can choose to think about your relationship and decide whether you can handle knowing that you can never know anything for sure.

Every relationship comes with its challenges and obstacles, and being with somebody who travels a lot is not an exception. True, there are many benefits of such a relationship, but there are also quite a few downsides. So, before you start tackling the obstacles, take time to think about whether this is the kind of relationship you want to be in. This is important especially if you don’t know how long the things will stay the same. In the end, if you do choose to work on your relationship and deal with any potential problems together, have no doubt that it will all be worth it sooner or later. Contact Nando Rodriguez, Success Coach, for more info if you’re truly feeling stuck in your dating life/relationship.

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