Underwater Dog Photographer Seth Casteel at BarkWorld2016

You know that guy who takes underwater pictures of dogs? BarkWorld2016 gave us the opportunity to meet Seth Casteel,the underwater dog photo enthusiast, who became an overnight success when his photo of Buster went viral.

Before the fame, Seth was a photographer in LA who partnered with Groupon to take pet photos. Groupon set the distance of where he'd travel and photograph clients to a 50 mile radius from his home and Seth explained he had requested a 5 mile radius and because of the mix up, he was losing money at each session.

Because he's a man of his word, he booked a gig to photograph a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Buster back in 2010 and drove to the owner's home for the session.  During one shoot, Buster kept jumped into the pool and Seth kept taking pictures of the wet canine.

Once the session was over and he delivered the photos to the owner, Seth slipped a few of the wet pics into the package, the customer was appalled and demanded him to return (50 miles outside his customer radius) and retake the dog's photos.

Seth came back but asked if at the end of the session he could take pictures of the dog, but this time underwater. Knowing how much Buster loved water, he bough a cheap point-and-shoot underwater camera and did a whole session underwater. One of Buster's pics was posted on Reddit and the equation became: underwater dog + Seth Casteel = internet viral fame.

Seth's world changed as he knew it because of Buster and if you look closely at Seth's arm, you'll see Buster's face tattooed there, as an homage.

Seth is coming to Television this January in a new reality series from ZLiving called FINDING FIDO, which Seth has the privilege of hosting. He's a matchmaker: matching pets and humans. We got to see a snippet and it looks super promising and fun.

You can see Seth Casteel's work here and connect with him on instagram too.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to do underwater pet photography? Or should you just leave it up to Seth? I'd love to see what Leona looks like underwater but she's not a big fan of bath time -- so I doubt we can encourage her to jump in a pool.

Would you like to have a underwater photo session with your pet? Leave your comment and let's discuss.


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