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Update on Rica Famosa Latina

German and I finished Season 1 of Rica Famosa Latina on Hulu and we started Season 2. I told you, we are late to the Spanish Reality TV game so don’t hate on us too much.

Give us credit for binge-watching this train wreck of female friendships explode in front of our eyes. Yes, the show is in Spanish, so I missed a few insults and jabs, but I was able to keep up enough to know when the claws were about to come out!

Because I fell in love with a few of the characters, I’ve reached out to a few on Twitter to see if they’re open to an interview. Hey, it’s worked before.

Who do I want to talk to and why? (to read my breakdown of the ladies and my previous blog about the show and why you should be watching – read here)

Notice I don’t care to speak to all of the cast — just a selected few and I’ll explain why.

Adriana Gallardo from Adriana's Insurance
  1. Adriana Gallardo. I want to know what the show did for her brand and if it affected her business. I'd like to understand if she was portrayed in any way that she didn't ultimately approve of. I mean, things got cray on the show!
  2. Estela Mora. I'd need to know more about her relationship with Beto Cuevas and how she keeps her body so amazing! She's from Argentina and her accents and phrases on the show having me constantly LMAO. I have even picked up the word "boluda" and "boludo" which I take it to mean dumbass. I heart her. She's such a strong personality on the show and she's probably the only one who saw through Rosie Rivera's FALSE story of how Jenni Rivera left her nothing, but she's okay with that because she wants to "work for her money." You can't tell me that your own sister, with so much wealth, not leaving you a dime, doesn't sting. Estela said it best when she said, "I don't buy her story!"
  3. Elisa Beristain. I feel so strongly about her (in the positive) that I must have some sort of contact with her. Tweet me Elisa, comment back on Instagram. I need to know what Pepe Garza, your husband, a man who is so respected in the music industry truly feels about you picking fights, physically attacking people, and bullying them around LA. He is so humble and grounded, yet she is over the top dramatic and admits to having and needing therapy on a regular basis.
Estela Mora

Do you watch the show? If so, which lady would you like to speak with? What questions do you have for me should I get the chance to speak to them? Leave your questions as comments below!

Elisa Beristain

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