Was Jesus This Type of Ladies Man?

We all know Jesus liked to play with lepers, the poor and the whores. So why did it come as a major shocker when Playboy Portugal ran this cover on their July 2010 issue? I think it looks cool, but then again–because I’m too lazy to get a haircut right now, I’m wearing a mullet.

According to Gawker, the issue contained photos of the Christ-look-alike looking at two semi-nude women who were about to get it on with a passionate lip-lock–I guess Playboy’s against the Lesbiaterian church, also. There was another pic of him standing beside a topless woman on the street. I mean, this is Jesus, he knows what he’s getting himself into. If and when he decides to take a peek into my bedroom–there will be some jaw-dropping action going on! (What? It’s just me watching Paula Deen on the Food Network, get you’r e mind out of the Portugese gutter)

You may be asking yourself, “Why did they do it?” Once again, our friends over at Gawker, got the scoop. According to them, they were actually paying homage; the pictures were meant as a tribute to Jose Saramago, the Portuguese Nobel Prize-winning novelist who died last month. Saramago’s novel, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, portrayed Jesus as a deeply flawed and human individual.

But Playboy was not amused. “We did not see or approve the cover and pictorial in the July issue of Playboy Portugal,” Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey told AOL News in an e-mail. “It is a shocking breach of our standards, and we would not have allowed it to be published if we had seen it in advance.”

Playboy pulled the plug on this issue as well as terminated their ties with the Portuguese editors.  What do you think? Overboard or Overrated? Leave your comment.

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