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What Does Your Smile Hide?

So many teeth!

Smiles hide all sorts of things: sadness, shame, fear, you name it, a well place smile can cover it up. What would happen if we were to stop covering up what we’re feeling and just dive in deep?🌊🌊

What would really happen…if?

Many of us think we would crumble or just shatter but I promise that won’t happen. You’ll be surprised what’s on the other end of “the cover up” it’s a treasure hunt waiting to happen! There could be authenticity, vulnerability, connectedness, and even strength. There’s a relief that occurs when we stop pretending and just get real with what’s going on.🧘🏼‍♂️🎭🎲

So tired!

Aren’t you exhausted yet? I am. That’s why I’m not afraid to admit that this week was tough. This week made me sweat, ya’ll! 💦 😉 But I got through it because I had true friends to lean on and who supported the me with what’s “really” going on inside. And that my friends, is a reason to smile! 💁🏽‍♂️😉🕺🏼

Next Steps

If you’re looking to finally let people in but aren’t sure how to do it–I’m here to help, contact me and let’s create something unique for you. 🏅🏆🥇

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