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Women: Why You Need a Gay Best Friend

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Whether it’s a Will & Grace fantasy or a reality star lifestyle (Bethenny Frankel, Tori Spelling, or even Playboy’s Holly Madison)  you’re seeking, having a Gay Best Friend (GBF) is a must for today’s woman; let me explain why. Last week was busy, I had a two chapter deadline for my agent (for my upcoming book), a client meeting to get their social media running, and I also had an interview with Merrell Hollis, make-up artist for Wendy Williams, as research for my book. As I left Merrell to meet my client, I stopped at Bryant Park for a smoothie and a breather. But what I encountered was frightening–like a monkey biting off your face frightening. As I walked through the park and scoped out a seat, I noticed that women were starring each other down, checking each other out–how I figured supervisors at Pork Factories looked at a vendors slab of meat before they decide if it was worthy or not. I eventually found a seat, not knowing it was a front row ticket to  “Show: Bitch”.

Woman in Gucci Shades: Did you see that one, who just walked by?

Woman with tons of lip gloss: I did, she needs to take that dress back to Target!

I tried to tune them out; I need a break from my own brain by that point so I shifted in my seat and turned my chair at a different angle; big mistake. On the other side, I heard the following conversation already in progress.

Woman with beautiful hair: …So like I was telling you, that nasty-looking bitch took my card and I had to shake her hand. I knew she couldn’t get me any business; she didn’t even have her teeth bonded and I could tell she hadn’t manicured in a while.
Woman in tight sun dress: Ew, did you “Purell” afterwards? I would have. Actually, I wouldn’t have touched her!

After a few more exchanges, I got up and left. I can’t blame it all on the women, the heat was also bad and there’s noting worse than a sweaty Mexican! As I stood in line at the Mr. Softy ice cream truck, ssshhh, don’t tell my boyfriend, I’m supposed to be on the Herbalife diet, I overheard this from a women on the phone.

Woman on the phone waiting for a delicious single-dipped strawberry cone: No, she has no idea I’m seeing her man. He doesn’t want to be with her anyways, so I’m giving him options. She just stresses him anyways, I give him the freedom to come and go as he pleases. Girl, please, I know it’s wrong, but she has no idea and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Yeah, I’m going over to her house for the baby shower this weekend.Of course you didn’t get an invite, it’s only for her good friends.

The number one reason women need a Gay Best Friend, is no more competition! Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the law of attraction, or maybe it was just the cattiness between these Bryant Park women, but I thought to myself, “These women need a Gay Best Friend to knock some sense into them.” They also need a GBF so they don’t have to deal with any of these issues. What a Gay Best Friend provides is a solid friendship built on trust, love, unconditional emotional support and a dash of fabulousness! With there being 9 types of Gays–each one different from the other–every woman deserves a loyal friend to celebrate life with. Before you start craving one; read this post on The Re-Launch of Gay that explains a little more about Gays and their diverse nature.

Keep in mind, a GBF isn’t a fashion accessory and the friendship should be based on mutual reciprocating factors like respect, trust and honesty and depending on what kind of lifestyle a woman leads, there’s a Gay type out there for her, her perfect gay match! From the research I’ve conducted so far, all the women who currently have a Gay Best Friend tend to have a little less stress and a whole lot more fun. I think they’ve tapped into something wonderful. I myself “gay” for Cris and we’ve been friends since the 4th grade. Some might say our relationship is a bit unrealistic or high maintenance, we speak 5-6 times a day either through e-mail or quick cell phone calls, but it’s been working like a well gay-oiled machine–so why complain?

Sure, having a Gay won’t solve your financial worries, man problems, or weight issues, but honey, it sure beats having to deal with all of that mental junk on your own. Do you have a Gay Best Friend? (Teens girl’s do) What’s that relationship like? Are you missing out on good times because you don’t have one? Leave me a comment, I just may be able to hook you up with your perfect gay match!

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