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Your Temporary Gay Best Friend

Will and Grace

From yesterday’s post, Women: Why You Need a Gay Best Friend, I got several tweets, e-mails, Facebook messages and blog comments informing me that several of you don’t have a Gay Best Friend, and you’re now looking! I was talking this over with Cris, the straight girl I’ve been “gaying” for 26 years with and she encouraged me to help.

Cris: Wow, so many women don’t have a Gay Best Friend.

Nando: Nope.

Cris: They know you’re not available–cause I know they’ll tempt you!

Nando: I’m not going any where. Don’t worry.

Cris: If you do, I have over 26 years of secrets I can unleash, especially now since you have a book coming out and it looks like the production house is moving forward with the reality show.

Nando: Shut up, no one is supposed to know about the reality show and I have secrets on you too, 1995 alone, should send chills up your spine!

Cris: It’s too soon, it’s too soon, you can’t bring up 1995, yet!

Nando: And let’s not bring up why you got kicked out your “Cake Frosting 101” class in college!

Cris: I got it, why don’t you be their temporary Gay Best Friend? Cause you know, you can’t share Gays.

So here it is–the first installment of the series: Your Temporary Gay Best Friend, inspired by you and approved by Cris! Enjoy.


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