How Jennifer Lopez Overcame Imposter Syndrome for the Pepsi Halftime Super Bowl 2020 Show

Imposter Syndrome: The Culprit

The question is, "How Jennifer Lopez Overcame Imposter Syndrome for the Pepsi Halftime Super Bowl 2020 Show?" It was a process. It wasn't overnight and it wasn't done in one blog post or one video. Sorry to disappoint. There was so much controversy about the Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Halftime Super Bowl 2020 Show and you either loved it or hated it. I want to focus only onJennifer Lopez and the imposter syndrome she's been so open about. Whether it's the JLo halftime show or any or performance she's been on -- but especially the her Halftime Super Bowl 2020, (and to be clear, she's not the only celebrity suffering with impostor syndrome) she is one of the only celebrities truly open with it.

Was It Always There?

Yes, throughout her career, there's been an underlined "I'm not good enough" thought in the background -- according to JLo herself. In today's video I offer up specific tips I believe Jennifer Lopez (whom I've never worked with) created to get over imposter syndrome. I pulled the tips from a panel discuss she was on with Arianna Huffington and Thrive Global. and if you get a moment to watch the video clip -- go for it!

I'm Not Famous Do I have Imposter Syndrome?

If you also experience feelings of "I'm a fraud, I'm an imposter," when it comes to what you do at work or especially in your entrepreneur journey and want to know how to get over imposter syndrome, you may want to consider imposter syndrome coaching to overcome it--you might even want to know all the facts about this phenomenon to truly understand it - you might be asking yourself, "What is imposter syndrome, does it come with any benefits?"

In the video below, I cover the 2 insights from Jennifer Lopez that got her over the imposter syndrome hump to give us that amazing performance at the halftime 2020 show!

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