Why Married People Cheat

Why do married people cheat? I was doing research on the topic and found all sorts of reasons, theories, techniques, and excuses. Just do a quick google search on “why married people cheat” and the internet is a plethora of information–and although some of it might be true, what’s also true is the hurt it causes and leaves behind.

When a person cheats, there is a calculated and secret component that some get off on. And that’s the part, when the affair is discovered, that hurts the most. Jim McGreevey, who declared himself a Gay American, after coming out in a press conference (only after the threat of blackmail came into play) later revealed that while his wife was in the hospital giving birth to one of their children — he was out with his lover having the time of his life. #CheatersLife

Another concept of why people cheat is sexploration: meaning sexual activity with no emotional component or connection. This is the concept of “it didn’t mean anything” and it was pure desire and animal instinct. Those words don’t make the pain any less potent, but there you have it — a reason for infidelity.

I was cheated on several years ago and at the time of discovery, it was like a punch to the stomach that knocked the wind out of me (I walked in on them having sex). It took me about 6 months to let it go — and I did because there was a lesson in there for me. I wasn’t valuing my partner at the time and ignored his basic needs. At the end of the ordeal, it was me asking for forgiveness. I walked out the day of discovery, and never returned because I couldn’t be with someone who chose to solve his problems in this manner. Instead of addressing the issue, this is how he decided to handle things and well, for me — that didn’t work. It was the best decision I ever made.

Below is an infographic with very interesting information gathered from National Cellular Directory.

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